Thursday, June 17, 2010

With love – From the Virtual world

There are certain things in our life that the senior generation cannot understand. They shouldn’t be blamed for it but they should accept it. Many of such things are the vibes we share with our friends. We experience a kind of friendship today that they never witnessed in their youth. Friendship for them is a waste of time, more often than not. They were the better kind you know…they studied more I agree. That mettle is no longer made.

However, even though we do “waste” our time with friends, the virtual world has helped us keep in constant touch with those buggers we waste our time with! Friends from every phase of time, whose old landline numbers and addresses had long changed, came back together. I personally was thrilled to see all my friends from KG grow into such beautiful people!

It became a gradual principle for me to add only the friends I personally know to my Facebook account…maintaining my privacy…although the list had more than 300 friends. (“I cant believe you have more than 200 friends you personally know!”) Then came in Twitter…now very aptly described as “for people you wish you went to school with”. It was a place to interact with people you never met! Where you would never get the “do you wanna fraansip wimmi” requests! Where shockingly only 140 characters did it! Where you could #ashtag things and make them worldwide TTs! Where just a #nowplaying could describe my mood. Where everybody is so beautifully honest.

There I went…and there I met @SI2iJaN @priyamigo @maletwittur and @VanDiablo. We all were campaigning against #ShivSena and supporting @iamsrk . Spreading things like #getwellsoonshivsena got us to follow each other. We campaigned so much that #ShivSena joind twitter ans started following us! Keeping an eye on their enemy. So we wrote #BlockShivSena…and what’s cooler than twitter suspending their account for “suspicious activity” within 5 minutes of their joining! Damn we had become friends! We also played the most awesome virtual holi ever (========>pichhh...throws u in d mud and jumps over). I never thought I could ever call someone I had never met, a friend! But it just kept growing! I met @hackernewbie @waseembits @nisnishu24 @gynelwazlib @arccleo @biorahul @manav_dhiman @karan_jain and so many other tweeps…people with amazing sense of honesty, integrity and pure fun.

But after all its virtual! If I can “waste” my time with real friends…what’s twitter? Even though, I had reached 300 followers, was listed 20 time and was more than 6000 tweets old…one day I had to delete that dear account of mine. In fact it was 2 days ago that I did it. I couldn’t take being reminded what a total waste of my time it was, with every tweet I made. May be it was…maybe it was not. But it sure was therapeutic tweeting every morning my thoughts and reading your thoughts. It was a vent for me! It was a place full of honest young kids who had made for themselves a little world where just 140 characters were enough. I did not realise how important it was for me to be there until I deleted my account. I wanted to rejoin every minute! So I went back and searched for my friends…thinking “What’s the use…who would remember me! After all its just virtual!” But twitter always pleasantly surprises me. I saw my friends discussing that I am gone and missed. How could that be a waste of time! May be ill never understand. But it sure was the most valuable gift the virtual world has given me. Thank you my awesome tweeps! I miss you all too. I am following all your blogs! I just won’t be able to give you more #FF s. Much love! and my much loved *poof* ! :)


  1. Some things are never waste, in any sense whatsoever! Only that the people around us don't realize it coz they havn been through it...
    Hope to see you across twitter again some time, some time soon enough.

  2. thanks buddy!! my best twipal as i put it!

  3. This friday morning i woke up wit a joy dat today i'll get to write #FF for my sweetest twitpals, as i wasn't frequently online since a few days n i had written a #FF for my wonderful frnd @prernasiddharth, then came a mindshattering shock for me that this determined and hard workin buddy of mine has deleted her account.... Was searchin her page but it dint Who'll give us #twugs ? Who'll constantly make us realise the presence of #twilight universe around , and above all.... Who can tak ur place in our twitterworld as you are irreplacable ... Hope to see you soon within a flashing time on twitter and hope you'll be back within a blink of the lashes..... I'll always write a #FF for you :) Miss you pal... #twilightbuddies \m/

  4. #twugs x one million doc! Ill miss ur #healthtips ! :(

    Why?? Just gimme one good reason..

    I'll miss you, you know it very well, the most adorable girl I know on twitter, infact now in reality mebbe..if we meet someday..(*sigh*)
    Who I'll #FF as with that kinda reco eh?? You should not have done that..

    Anyways.. atleast add me on fb of you don't mind..When @Waseembits told me about You deleting your twitter handle.. I tried everything to find you..not much of a fuss I admit, but I'm glad atleast technology has helped me to find you again..

    Love, Pritam aka @VanDiablo!!

  6. #twugs! :( i am so sorry twitteriablo! I explained in the blog what made me do it....m really really damn dpressed coz of it! Damn damn damn!! :C

  7. i"ll miss ur #ff and #twugs
    kyu chhoda twitter tune...
    hope to see u again on twitter...

  8. Wow! I didnt know you were a doctor too! Buddy! I miss it all too! M so sorry! :(

  9. hey.. you make my eyes wet man... we actually miss you.. and the main thing is we planned about our movie.. what about that?? I think I understand the reason why you deleted.. but dont worry bussy we will follow you where ever you will go... smile...

  10. *thankful smile* thanks for understanding buddy! U must know that i equally miss you all! N damn we will make d film we planned!

  11. Hey!
    Ok, this is so sentimental cool.
    Im not disposed to much display of emotion, so Im just going to choke and get out of here, before I well un-choke.
    You are AWESOMENESS.
    MISS YOU!!

  12. Damn it girl! I miss u like hell too! Like u wr d coolest girl i found on twitter! After u un-choke...dont forget u me and godrick had promised a film together! Writer director and choreographer! \m/

  13. the making of d sci-fi horror comedy tragedy drama, all in one!! its goin to be a superr hit, yayy!!

  14. Yup and i havent forgotten our dracula dubbing star mr. ! N u r a tweeheart for sending my link to all!!!!

  15. I never say things I don't understand but I think somethings shoulnot be kept unsaid. I am not able to figure out y my eyes are.....

    Acha chalo choro Madam, lekin I would like to tell the most jolly & the bestest of my Tweeples my point of view on one thing, the reason you have deleted....

    We know that there r lotsa things which they don't understand, we should make 'em understand & not just follow 'em, ye jaante huye ke dats nt correct.

    Anyway, thou' I DO MISS YOU ALL THE TIME ON MY TWITTER WORLD.... I am not as sad as others because.... U believe or not, I know you WILL come back & come back very soon because I bet you can't be away from us for long.
    Wt say @Sl2ian??

    And till then, do DO DO be with us in any way u want.....

    I will be at always & FB & orkut & wtevr.... but will wait for you....sabse jyaada.... as @hackernewbie in My Twitterworld.

    To the MOST JOLLY & SUPER TALENTED *poof* lady :) of My Twitter world...... #twhugs a thousands

    Come back soon Please.....waiting for @prernasiddharth

  16. Dude! U making me....let it be! :'(
    But u got one thing right! I WILL be back....hopefully!
    Coz i miss you all like supah dupah hell lots! And u know how addicted a tweeter i was...if i deleted then i must have been on the brink....but all...i hav no all are pure awesomeness! M damn lucky to hv found you all!

  17. I KNOW you WILL be back! Just the thing u have to do it FAST :).

    I, like all others, will be waiting for it depends on how long you keep us waiting for you :).

    Aur haan, here is some @hackernewbie special Mausam Ki Jaankaari for you.

    #Delhi to swelter at 43 degrees @prernasiddharth

    Aur BTW, my last weeks #FF are due... so come soon & make sure I get it with some compensation :D

    Keep chilling!!

    #twhugs #twhugs #twhugs #twhugs

  18. That will be proved and acknowledged when U come back.... :-|.



  19. *cries heavily* WHY?! I just can't believe that sinking feeling I got in my chest when I say that this profile doesn't exist.

    Thank god you gave me your email... Hope we'll be in contact... :(

  20. damn we shall be connected no mater what buddy!!!

  21. Y ur not proving me correct fast???????

  22. :( :'( i searched u on FB...cudnt find you! :)

  23. I am quite moved to see so many young people being such close friends without ever seeing each other, and feeling so deeply for each other. Your expression of solidarity is such a great tribute to this budding writer Prerna! I got confirmed that she is going to be a powerful writer after seeing her blog pieces. I am afraid through her blog she would gradually find better opportunities to organise her expressions in a way that is the mark of a true writer. Perhaps she could writer such powerful blogs because she had to express herself. The creative urge has now fond a more powerful outlet. The creative urge must not be suppressed,, it only has to find the best channels of expression. As reagards tweeting, I also have some views on it. I follow Bill Gates, Sachin and a number of other people with substance. They do not tweet 20 times a day,but when they tweet too. Youth is the time when you shape your entire life and future. One has to pick up their life goals and pursue them doggedly, like Sachin and Bill Gates. This is the time to acquire a life-perspective. Intoxication and additions are best avoided for this. I am not as young as you are but I like clinging fast to truth. I believe all of you are truthful too. I like to invite you to express your frank opinion on the perhaps 'quaint' views expressed by me. I am in the process of developing a website for life-development at Vist that an advise me. It is essentially meant for the young peopleple There are 6 billion people on earth and one billion in India alone. I wish to tween every day to each of them. But most of them do not have computers. Most of them do not even have the capacity to acquire two square meals a day! I wish I could empower these 6 billion people to have two square meals a day and a twitter account so that I could send and receive at least one tweet a day to and from all those 6 billion people - or at least 1 billion people living south of the Himalayas.This can only happen when the youth all over the country and the world stand up and grow as leaders and take up cudgels to transform their village, state, country or the world. And this would need surplus time and energy which you can save by curtailing other addictive and intoxicating activities.

    I am the villain that asked Prerna to consider if she was wasting her time by tweeting a dozen times a day! I look upon her not only as my daughter but also as a youthful person who can be a thought leader or an action leader! Who can impact the world in more than ordinary ways. I may be wrong, I may be right. I do not know. To know if I am right or wrong try to follow me on my blog and twitter too. I think that will t least initiate and interaction between two different worlds - virtual and real - leading to may be a creative merger of the two that may give benefits to you and me both. PK SIDDHARTH
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  24. Was my long comment posted five minutes back received? I do not find it!
    PK Siddharth

  25. Sorry I am new to this business. I am learning! My coment has finally appeared on the blog.

  26. Hey

    What happened? I cant find you on twitter....................Did u move out ? But I finally found a friend in you.

    Karan Jain

  27. Buddy! i have added you already!! =)

  28. Papa....please dont day that! you are not my are my hero! never say that!:'(

  29. @prernasiddharth

    There's a direct link to my facebook from my website

  30. Haawww! Dont remind me of all that!!! :C

  31. hey m hungry 4 more
    wenz d next Masterpiece cumin ????

  32. @prernasiddharth Drizzle expected in #Delhi. #India #news :D

  33. Oyee! Balle balle! It poured on me today!! Thanks for the forcast!!!

  34. WOOOOOW !!
    you write sooooo good.
    Miss you sooo much..
    *iforgot how did we met*
    doesn't matter...

    soo glad you are finally back. (btw don't go off again :) )


  35. *bows* and high five buddy! m back!